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Pure, raw tasmanian honey

Straight from the hive.

FROM the wild






Our honey is foraged from the purest, wildest native flora in Tasmania.  Tasmania's clean air and natural environment reflects  in the flavour of our raw honey.


Swarm season

In Spring colonies of bees will take flight/swarm to move house and setup a new colony/hive.  These bees are precious and if you come across one? Call me. Click below

the apiarist

Rob is passionate about sourcing the purest honey in Tasmania.  With apiaries located in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania, Wild Hives is able to source unique nectar from Tasmania's wildflowers. Our honey uses the least amount of processes to retain all the medicinal qualities of real raw honey.


“My honey is pure and raw. It retains all of the beneficial microbes and flavour. A true reflection of the environment from where the bees foraged it from.  This is not your average honey.”

Rob Barker, apiarist